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Any house that you buy will have things that need to be done, even new homes.
This is to be expected because nothing is perfect. Keep in mind that excellent buys are sometimes made by being able to see past a little fixing, soap and water, and paint. Older people, people who travel a lot in their jobs, and many others do not have time to do these things. Two identical houses can be priced $1,000.00 apart because one needs $250.00 worth of work.

Appliances are minor items in a sale. Don't lose a contract over appurtenances such as drapes or chandeliers. You can always get something more to your liking at a more convenient time. Be pleased with the basics of your home and add your own style to the house as you make it your home.

Most Improtantaly, work closely with your agent. Once you have decided on an agent, you will save many hours by working exclusively with him or her. For instance, if your see an ad in the paper or a house open for inspection, call your agent immediately, for he or she can find out more for your and save your re-qualifying time. It pays to stick with your trusted agent.

Buying a new home should not be a frustrating experience if you understand the principles and procedures and have a REALTOR whom you trust. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call and ask. Do it right from the beginning and make it an interesting adventure with Troy Young Realty!